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It has already been a year of amazing developments, time flies not only when you’re having fun but also when you need to keep your head down and blast through a suffering economy. The digital marketing landscape has taken on new twists and turns, beyond even what the most optimistic predictions could have called for, “sunny with a slight chance of scattered clouds”. The social network industry isn't slowing down anytime soon, while marketing agenda like “MoLoSo” (mobile/ local/ social) are a steam engine ready to take off, social is more like strapping on a pair of asbestos-fighting-granny-panties. It's becoming more intricate, more insane, and more intimidating for the poor souls who haven’t yet harnessed the power of social networking. Here are the top three marketing trending picks for this year.


We were all intrigued by it, but then we started to balk at seeing it –like, everywhere: If we see another Pinterest guide for marketers, we are going to scream, the self-prescribing do-it-yourselfers are taking over all the prime TV channels, the largest aisles at hardware store, more shelves at the bookstore (if you can find one) and now social media. Clinging to theories such as, “Armatures built the Ark and professionals built the Titanic” are finding folks more downtrodden and a little less energized to take on another “social boom”. But the reality is that Pinterest has taken us all by; I don’t know….storm, tornado, surprise, for granted? Fill in the blank as it fits your life. It's another new social network to maintain on top of all of the others, more things to learn, more people to reach, more eating up the time you would have spent doing something really worth-while with your time, like sitting on the couch like a slob in a coma state watching high school football. But while you’re overwhelmed with the black hole of baseless knowledge known as social media, others are out there making a killing, yes -killing, with a truly new strategy behind it how they’re approaching the whole conversation and turning it into conversions. It's called an image strategy, duh right?. Brands are now forced to think about how they merchandise all images, how to appeal viscerally to folks, whether it be product, CPG (consumer packaged goods), content (oh the beloved content), or even user generated images. They all need to be optimized for sharing on Pinterest, optimized in a way that wins more favor than just high rankings; we’re talking about conversions here people!

The whole idea was a brain child from the start; it’s like mixing lead with coffee and calling it a “great way to start the day”. The traffic potential is unreal; again we live in a society where gnats have longer attention spans than the top-of-the-class college grad. The content is easily shareable and most importantly no reading, just pictures makes it palpable for even the most video-gamed brain-dead person to keep up. There have been numerous studies done both internally and externally regarding conversions from Pinterest traffic, and we have heard everything from reports of 10 percent lift in conversions beyond other social networks to reports of lower conversion rates but higher average order value, the only thing that’s consistent is that it’s an “introducer media source”. As with everything else in marketing, the blanket statements should be ignored or at the minimum taken with a grain of salt, and brands should test things out for themselves. One thing’s undisputable about social is that it’s the most reliable “first touch point media” around. What does that mean? It’s the frontline approach to introducing users/consumers/clients whatever you call them to your brand for the first time. The two most highly coveted marketing strategies: Use media that promote people to be a “one-n-done” where they convert the first time they come into contact with your brand (but that might only work really, really well if you’re the Red Cross and it’s hurricane season) and finding media that introduces people to your brand for the first time, also known as stuffing the funnel.

Facebook buying Instagram

"What does this mean?" the savvy marketer or the video-game brain-dead (shout out to the folks mentioned above) might ask. It means that Facebook is going to forge ahead and proceed finding new ways to monetize optimize and otherwise provide the largest audience in engagement- social  through ads, especially on mobile devices –back to SoLoMo (social/ local/ mobile), which means more opportunities for brands to get in front of potential customers using Facebook.
There was a study released a short while ago showing that Facebook mobile ads had a significant lift in performance over standard Sponsored Stories ads, could it be because folks are addicted to their mobile devices?

Facebook also just announced that it is in beta with FBX and working with eight launch partners to use Facebook ad inventory for retargeting, all I can say about this is, “FINALLY!!”. What’s Facebook’s next steps? Well, the hype and blend of “RTB” real-time bidding is the first step toward Facebook tapping its potential for direct-response advertisers, as if Facebook wasn’t a blow torch before.