Media Marketing Solution

Can Twitter help me get new clients?

The simple answer is yes, Twitter is a tool that can help your company reach out to a new population of potential clients. The better question is how can Twitter do this for my company. Twitter can help actually "find" new clients because of our ability at Media Marketing Solution to search as well as monitor Twitter conversations.

For example, if you own a plumbing company, are in retail sales or literally any other type of industry, there will be conversational keywords that individuals use in their tweets. At Media Marketing Solution, it is our job to find these conversational keywords, create a dialogue/conversation with them and link them with your company. For example, if you own a bridal company and sell wedding gowns, then a great target population to reach out to would be newly engaged women on Twitter – right? Well, pretty much any woman who is on Twitter will tweet something along the lines of "He finally proposed" or "I'm engaged!", these are the perfect individuals to promote your bridal salon to! What if your Bridal Salon was to tweet back with these individuals "Congratulations on your engagement! Come and check out our new line of bridal gowns!" Simply put, because you have reached out and congratulated the bride-to-be as well as inserted a plug for your company, she is more likely to check out the line of bridal gowns at your salon then a random bridal salon she comes across on the street. Do you think that this is a rare example of how Twitter can work? Twitter can be effective for all industries, for example people tweet about flat tires (own a tire shop?), needing a new lawn (are you a contractor?), wanting to get away for the weekend (own a hotel?), needing a new hair-do (own a beauty salon?) – you get the idea. The power of Twitter can be used to leverage, find and develop new clients for pretty much any industry. Just imagine what Twitter can do for your company!