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Can Twitter help me get new clients?

The simple answer is yes, Twitter is a tool that can help your company reach out to a new population of potential clients. The better question is how can Twitter do this for my company. Twitter can help actually "find" new clients because of our ability at Media Marketing Solution to search as well as monitor Twitter conversations.
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Twitter and New Contacts

If you being to think of Twitter as if you have the private email address of virtually anyone in the world – you are on the right track. Only Twitter is better, while large corporations have email inboxes that are literally overflowing with unanswered emails, Twitter is a way to cut to the chase and directly engage with individuals. Twitter allows for the ability to build relationships with powerful people.
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Twitter can build your brand

People are very familiar with the concept of email blasts and company newsletters. While blogs have for the most part replaced company newsletters, Twitter is an excellent way for a company to keep their customers or followers up to date with any new promotions or news that might be happening.
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Twitter and Search Engine Optimization

These days it is simply not enough to have content that is full of keywords. When the search engines conduct their scans every few weeks, they are looking for companies that are utilizing the power of social media.
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