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Social Marketing Outlets Media Marketing Solutions provides all your social media marketing to your potential consumers on a 'turn key' platform for you. Social Media- definition: the process of promoting your website, company or brand to selected social media platforms in a non-intrusive way. Facebook and Twitter are leading the social media realms with both followers and advertiser results. What used to be a fairly new concept in marketing has now become part of an integrated approach for lower budget marketing campaigns. In other words, if you want to get bang for your buck then you are probably already using SEO to promote your website to garner more favorable listings (aka –higher placement on the 1st page). If you want to use Social Media to help build your business then you will certainly need a good website, if you don't have one yet, stop reading here –and go get one (call for more details or recommendations). Social media if used correctly will yield you more sales.

How SEO and Social Media work together: Google has something called 'spider crawlers' that crawl through the content of your website to find quality rank, it's what tells Google if your website is what the searching user is really looking for or not. –Yes, there are checks and balances and Google doesn't happen to be short on intelligence, however this is a good thing because it levels the playing field so to speak. Obviously the typical small business owner doesn't have the same marketing budget as McDonalds, but you still want to get your advertisement noticed by the right people right? Well, that's where social media comes in and gives your SEO a leveraging 'hand-up' so to speak. By using social media Google will recognize your social media campaign (Facebook, Twitter, Blogging etc) as a 'look-a-like' to your website which will lend credibility to your SEO search (remember those web crawlers??) so when Google or Bing or Yahoo or whoever crawls all over your social media campaigns and your website it will tell the crawlers that 'Ooo La La! Here's a match!' and your website and social media campaigns will rank higher on the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…) pages. A good social media campaign will help you be found easier on search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…) pages.

Social Marketing Outlets Many people may wonder, so if it helps my website why not just pour my time and attention into my website and forget social media? -Umm, do you have time to do this? Really? Think of social media as pouring that time and attention into your website. A successful social media campaign will direct people back to your website which is where you want them if you want to sell them. People won't 'click to order' and will rarely 'call now to receive' from social media –that's not the point of social media. The main focal point is to try and get people who wouldn't have found your website otherwise to search through your pages and learn about your product and service and then call. A high performance social media campaign will result in more people going to your website.

Social media marketing provides an opportunity to reach customers that you wouldn't have otherwise been able to reach with your product and service. Social media is the most cost effective way of casting your net wider and aggregately gathering more potential consumers. Here's the beauty of social media though, it has proven to produce higher quality leads which means less hassle for you. This is really a marvel that most don't understand but is easy to explain, since you are reaching people with an ad or some assortment of advertisement in a non intrusive way they are more likely to allow your product to subtly influence them. In contrast to the alternative for instance: TV ads - very obtrusive and consumers fought back against such annoyance, and TiVo was born. You might be saying, oh come now, I couldn't afford TiVo so that example doesn't relate to me anyway, 'okay, good point'. Lets take print then for instance, you might not be advertising in the Los Angeles Times or the New York Times but you might advertise in local magazines or what's commonly referred to as 'local rags', also very annoying and once again consumers fought back, and print now serves as both fish wrap and fire starter.