Media Marketing Solution


The Well Oiled Machine

At Media Marketing Solution, our goal is simple. Our objective is to create a prominent presence for your company and utilize the tools we have in place to help your business engage with a specified subset of the hundreds of millions of social network users.

At Media Marketing Solution we know that your business keeps you busy around the clock. When you own your own business, there is no such thing as a day off! Yet, advertising isn't one of those things that sleeps and it needs to be constantly working behind the scenes to generate interest and possible leads. We understand that while our clients value social media marketing and the dynamic branding that it offers, most simply do not have the time to manage it themselves. Therefore, most businesses have found it financially beneficial to hire us to manage their social media networks so that they are not taking time away from what they do best – running their own business.


By using social media outlets such as Facebook, Media Marketing Solution is able to effectively use behavioral targeting (BT's) to only advertise to relevant audiences, targeting your campaign and only advertising to those who might be interested. Most social advertising firms blanket social sites without regard to targeting to their consumers specific demographic points. For instance, would you think a 40 year old man would be interested in a nail salon's sales? -Probably not, unless he has a wife, but even then –don't you want to advertise directly to the decision maker? Using behavioral targeting (BT's) reduces wasted media dollars and narrowly focuses your budget where it will count most. Because every campaign is custom designed, behavior targeting (BT's) can layer two or three levels deep to locate the target audience. By having a professional presence on Facebook, your business will be able to reach out to a previously untapped market, establish social networks, spark relationships and engage with fans.


Bearing in mind the concept of behavioral targeting (BT's) we have also applied this general concept to our approach in managing and promoting our clients on Twitter. In contrast to sending out blanket tweets to random people who may or may not have any interest in your product or service, by using a series of highly complex programs and a team of skilled people, we are actually able to seek out those who have acknowledged interest in a similar product or service. This allows us to create a "relationship" between the potential clients and refer them to your brand.


If you have a brand or product that caters to women, you need to have a presence on Pinterest. The reason? Over 97% of its ten million (and growing) users are female. Our team of social media strategists will devise a strategy to promote your brand on Pinterest and tap into users who have the same fields of interest. Pinterest is designed for people to “pin” products and photographs that they love on various types of “boards”. This is a perfect opportunity for your brand to be “advertised” and promoted on someone else’s board and be “re-pinned”. Media Marketing Solution has used Pinterest for jewelry companies, engineering organizations and companies that develop hair products – all have been extremely successful based upon the fact that when people log into Pinterest, they want to add pins to their board. By having a professionally designed profile and by strategically placing and pinning on boards, Pinterest can be a successful social media tool to enhance awareness of your brand without having to spend money to advertise.


At Media Marketing Solution we also have a team who is passionate about blogging! These bloggers are anxious to "put a face" to your company and create blogs that are not only engaging but offer valuable industry related information. When it comes down to it, people want to do business with individuals they know and trust. Blogging is a way for your business to position themselves as an expert in any given field. Our bloggers will research your business and create blogs that reflect the professionalism and knowledge of your companies industry.