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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Having a website serves two primary functions: 1.) It provides credibility for you and your company and allows potential clients or customers to find out more information about your services or products online. 2.) It allows your company to be found by individuals who are searching online when they are in need of a product or service that you offer. Simply having a website allows companies all the advantages that have been outlined in item number one, but for most, this simply isn't good enough. Many companies want to expand the reach that they currently have and desire not just a presence online, but want to make their online presence generate revenue, reach out to potential clients and essentially work for them.

This is known as search engine optimization, it is a process where the website manager develops content that is not only recognizable by the search engines, but also fills the website with keywords. Many individuals spend thousands of dollars creating a beautiful website but fail to fill it with what truly matters from a search engine perspective – content.
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Keywords and Search Engine Optimization

If you have done some digging about how to best optimize your website, chances are that you have most likely come across the term "keyword". Keywords are specific words that professional article and content writers use to populate a website that will help boost the probability of individuals who are conducting online searches come across your product or service. When the search engines conduct their crawls approximately every six to eight weeks, they are not only looking for content on websites, but content that contains keywords.
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Social Media and It's Impact on Search Engine Optimization

While social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. are all the craze and the popular thing to be a part of these days, most business owners simply don't want to invest their time and money into these outlets without understanding the returns that social media can bring. The age old question that is then asked is "how does social media marketing affect the search engine optimization for my website and ultimately my business".
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