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Social Media The Hidden SEO Boosting Platform

We all know someone (but we would never actually admit to it ourselves) who has lied about something, someone or somewhere online. The Internet is stuffed, packed, brimming over with lies, Enron size lies and online-dating size lies (on that note, isn’t it funny how every person online pretends to be a 20-year old attractive female?). Through all the spam, scams and shams, we’ve been nurtured through that experience to be very cautious of what we see online, and we wonder if Social Media is any different? The answer: yes maybe and no.

The neutralizing factor that online searching does provide a plethora of sites and articles to choose from. Want the very best salsa recipe? Then you’re going to have to compare a few “classics” together and “normalize your data” to get the answer you really want which is always, “go to the store and get it in the refrigerator section”.

Search engines unfortunately for them propagate this madness. However, the ongoing “quality score” will regulate some to marvelous success and others to embarrassing, cringing failure. Search engines will only ever stay as relevant as the material they provide to the consumer. If they let off the pedal even for a minute they can join the other massive, pitiful failures of previous search engines from long ago anyone remember Lycos or Netscape?

Who are the big players now? Obviously –Google and Bing, even Yahoo is still hanging on and together are holding up the majority of user search engine insanity. These engines work tirelessly to gain market share by focusing on a website’s credibility. It’s fairly simple there’s something called CTR (Click Through Rate). If you have provided relevant content and interesting engagement for previous visitors, there’s also a good chance that you will provide the same experience for new visitors. You might be wondering how exactly a searchbot with their meta spider crawlers can determine a subjective concept like credibility?

Social Networking:
As humans we’ll lie about our weight on our license, exaggerate about our gross earnings, and give an approximate date of the last time we went to the dentist; but, one thing we seem to not lie about is what markers call “shared media” or “earned media”. Nothing and I mean nothing stops us from giving a raving review over some good experience. Our life’s mission becomes focused on propagating the wide spread notion that everyone’s lives would be better if only they “x”, “y” or “z”, or maybe all of them together at the same time.

Social Networking, Social Media and Social Marketing, they all mean the same thing - affecting your sites “street creditablity”.
Too many people make the mistake of thinking that SEO and Social Marketing are different entities. This was a popular theory from long ago that is just not relevant any longer. They impact each other, they feed off each other; think of their relationship more like hot cocoa and whip cream –they are inseparable. It makes sense that once upon a time SEO and Social Marketing would be separated departments (or at least specialties for sure). SEO was about being found in the search results and Social Media was about seeking out and aggregating new volume and engaging those who are already in contact with your brand. SEO spread the net and Social Marketing was about reeling in that net. In these current modern times it’s just as easy to find a company on Facebook as it is on Bing therefore the approach to these blow-torch marketing engines needs to be handled differently. It’s switched; SEO is no longer fueling Social Media, now Social Media is fueling SEO and every other online marketing channel.

Social Media Puts The Human Touch In Online:
Users who find your brand through Social Media opposed to typical Search Media not only have statically proven to be happier with the search results (maybe because it’s humans searching and not those searchbots?). When a user publicly vouches for a particular brand or label don’t you think it gives the perceived impression that it might have a higher credibility than competing brands or labels? –Just a thought.

That’s why Social Media is so powerful, when you have your own customers “sharing” and essentially “liking” your brand, your marketing campaign just grew legs and is now on the move! Before the advent of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook etc the only way for a user to send or “share” information was in the form of pasting links in email bodies, much less effective –trust me –how often do you check your email from your crazy grandmother who spams you everything she gets from all her 200-year old friends? My point exactly.

Social has an integrated human element that normal digital channels do not have. That’s why it’s so powerful. With Google and Bing in the constant drive to deliver high performance relevance to their users –it’s no wonder that the quality of a brand’s Social Media campaign be taking into consideration when delivering SEO rankings and results. Bottom line, without a strong Social Media campaign you can drive a nail through your SEO because it’s the first causality of the digital marketing war.