Media Marketing Solution

Keywords and Search Engine Optimization

If you have done some digging about how to best optimize your website, chances are that you have most likely come across the term "keyword". Keywords are specific words that professional article and content writers use to populate a website that will help boost the probability of individuals who are conducting online searches come across your product or service. When the search engines conduct their crawls approximately every six to eight weeks, they are not only looking for content on websites, but content that contains keywords.

When trying to understand keywords, it is best to think of them as search terms. For example, at Media Marketing Solution, our clients range from photographers to filming location companies to contractors to website developers. Let's say for example that your company creates and develops websites and that in attempt to push your new logo design service, the content that was created and added to the website simply had the keyword of "logo design". If potential clients were using the search term of "business logo creation", then you would be using the wrong keyword and would be missing out on potential clients because most likely they would be directed to another webpage that had used the correct keyword. – All because the person who had used the correct keyword would pop up first in the search engine and your site which had been populated with "logo design" would not.

This begs the question of how does one find out about which keywords are relevant to their specific trade and industry. If you check out our blog which contains posts on keywords, you will find out more about how to find keywords for your specific industry. Our goal at Media Marketing Solution is to help educate you on the process of optimizing your website so that you are knowledgeable and have the tools necessary to make a difference for your business.