Media Marketing Solution

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Having a website serves two primary functions: 1.) It provides credibility for you and your company and allows potential clients or customers to find out more information about your services or products online. 2.) It allows your company to be found by individuals who are searching online when they are in need of a product or service that you offer. Simply having a website allows companies all the advantages that have been outlined in item number one, but for most, this simply isn't good enough. Many companies want to expand the reach that they currently have and desire not just a presence online, but want to make their online presence generate revenue, reach out to potential clients and essentially work for them.

This is known as search engine optimization, it is a process where the website manager develops content that is not only recognizable by the search engines, but also fills the website with keywords. Many individuals spend thousands of dollars creating a beautiful website but fail to fill it with what truly matters from a search engine perspective – content.

Perhaps you have heard the common phrase "Content is King"? Well, when it boils down to it, content is what makes or breaks websites. Every six to eight weeks search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. conduct what is called search engine crawls. What this means essentially is that these search engines scan every single webpage and put them into a ranking order. Have you ever wondered why certain websites pop up before others when specific terms are searched for? The reason for this is that it all comes down to how the websites have been ranked by the search engines, and the search engines rank each website based upon how much content is placed on each website, the amount of new content that is being added to the website on a continual basis, the number of keywords that are used on the website and if there is any social media involvement. An interesting fact about these search engines crawls and rankings is that they are consistently being rescanned and websites are always being moved around. What this means is that just because your competitor holds a higher position for that crawl period, it does not mean that they will continue to hold that position.

Essentially what this comes down to is that it is imperative to keep adding content (or articles) to your website. The search engines like to see websites that are continually updated and added to. While not many people enjoy writing content or articles for their websites, it is something that is not only necessary but something that will generate results if done consistently. At Media Marketing Solution, we have found that the best way to encourage our clients to do this is to have them set goals for themselves. While it may sound fantastic to have the mentality and goal of generating five new articles each week for a website, it is more productive to set goals that can be kept over the long haul. While it would be great to write five new articles each week for the next four weeks, it would be better and more beneficial to have a goal of writing one article once per week for a year and being able to actually keep it up. The search engines look for consistency, they want to see that your business is here to stay.

At first a lot of people become overwhelmed at the idea of having to write content, many people don't know what to write about. If you are experiencing "writers block" and are having a truly difficult time brainstorming ideas for material to populate your website with, may we suggest doing a bit of research. Simple right? Dig into your industry, and look at what companies similar to yours are doing. A big warning with this is to never, never, never plagiarize, take or lift any work from anyone's website and put it on your website. While there is nothing wrong with simply getting inspiration from other websites, it is very wrong to lift someone else's work. IF you do, the search engines will recognize that you are not the original author of that work and they will punish you for plagiarizing by demoting your website rankings.