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How will Pinterest give me a return on my investment?

Pinterest works and is successful by letting people interact with the best images of your brand. Essentially, Pinterest feeds off of word of mouth advertising in the form of “pinning”. If one of your marketing goals is to create more brand awareness, then Pinterest is an excellent option. Pinterest works by viral spread. To date, Pinterest does not allow for brands to run advertisements. This is crucial because it means that brands that are successful and have developed a strategy are able to obtain followers virally. This speaks to the very essence and power of social marketing. Let’s say that you are a jewelry store and you create boards representing the various lines of your jewelry. The images from your boards are then compiled in Pinterest’s “search engine” and when people search for jewelry or diamond rings – your images will be part of the feed. Individuals then see your boards and look through them and pin the images and products that they like to their own board. Because they have pinned it on their boards, that image is now there for all of their followers to see. This is viral branding at its best. Pinterest works best for brands that can be transferred into a visual format – which we have discovered can be virtually any company or brand. If you own a dry cleaning, boards depicting some of the worst stains and how you have been able to restore the fabric would be one example of utilizing Pinterest. If you own a doggie day care, boards of puppy play time or baths would most certainly be popular. If your brand is involved in social, but is not yet on Pinterest – it’s time to let us design a page, develop a strategy and start pinning!

Should my brand or company be on Pinterest?

The simple answer to this is yes, any company or brand that is willing to develop a strategy can be successful with Pinterest. However, one can only be successful if the goals have been outlined. If you are looking to sell products and have Pinterest be a major source of sales and revenue for your company, then you will most likely be disappointed. If you are looking to increase your brand awareness and product recognition, then Pinterest is the perfect solution. Pinterest is a powerful tool for any brand that caters to women, and lets face it - that takes care of most companies out there because woman traditionally do the buying for the home. Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share concepts, ideas and recommendations. It is just a question of if you want your brand to be part of this exchange.