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Frequently Asked Questions About Twitter

Question: What is Twitter?

Answer: Twitter is a social media portal which allows individuals to exchange short messages (no longer than 140 characters) which are known as tweets. Individuals can share these messages with anyone that is following them. If someone is following an individual, it means that they know that person and have opted through their account to follow that person and will receive updates on their tweets. These tweets can also be found through Twitter search, which means that someone does not necessarily have to be a follower of your to see your Tweets.

Question: Should my business be on Twitter?

Answer: Twitter is another platform for social media marketing. While large companies like Dell, Comcast and JetBlue have had tremendous success with Twitter, it does beg the question if smaller businesses should engage in this social media outlet. The answer is quite simple, yes. When properly utilized with Twitter engagement and Twitter conversations, Media Marketing Solution will find those people on Twitter who are already talking about your business, product or brand. By utilizing the power of Twitter, we are able to directly engage in conversation with these people, thus providing a warm referral to your business or brand.

Question: What is Twitter engagement?

Answer: Twitter engagement is when we at Media Marketing Solution directly Tweet with individuals who are following your company. We do this by sending out Tweets that are carefully designed to spur conversation between your company and your followers. This allows us to build a relationship with potential clients.

Question: What do you mean by "find conversations" on Twitter?

Answer: At Media Marketing Solution, part of our job is to stay on top of trends in the market. Thus, we have tools that allows us to discover Tweets that are specifically related to your business. This is best explained by an example: For instance: Let's say you own a bridal company and this bridal company puts on annual bridal shows. Well, we would want to scout out women in particular who had recently gotten engaged. Using our highly developed programs, we are able to scour through thousands of Tweets and find Tweets that are relevant to "getting engaged" in the area of your business. Our marketing agency is then able to respond back to the person via Twitter, congratulating them and telling them that they won't want to miss our upcoming bridal show on March 25th! Make sense?

Question: How to I access Twitter?

Answer: If you have a computer or a phone with internet capabilities, you can have access to Twitter.

Question: Can I find friends on Twitter?

Answer: Yes, once you have created an account you will be able to search for people by their name or you will be able to import friends from other networks.

Question: How do I know who I am following on Twitter?

Answer: After you have created your own Twitter profile, you will have the option to look for friends and view their profile. On their profile you will see a button that says "follow" simply click that button, this now means that you are following that person.

Question: What does @ mean?

Answer: An easy way to understand the @ is to think of it as a public email to another follower. If you @mediamarket4u then it is a public message that individuals can see. However, this is only the case if the @ starts the tweet. For example @mediamarket4u did you see the new Facebook updates? –That is a public message. However if it was, Really enjoyed the blog from @mediamarket4u –then it is considered a mention and will pop up in mediamarket4u's feed.

Question: How is a message (previously known as a direct message) different than a Tweet?

Answer: Think of a message like an email. This is private and can not be seen by the masses.