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Who would have thought a few years ago that the word "blogging" would not only be in the dictionary but would "define" and change old perspectives on the way that companies do business. Blogs, simply put are a type of online journal or diary. Corporate blogs give their company an edge over their competitors who do not have a blog. Why you might ask? Because blogs allow companies to directly reach out to their audience and not only engage with them, but promote themselves as a leader of thought and knowledge in their industry. In addition, companies are able to use blogs to promote new and exciting company promotions, products and events –essentially it can work like a newsletter that can be updated at anytime, it gets ranked by the search engines and allows for people to comment and engage with the blogger. So if you are thinking about having a blog for your company, the better question to ask yourself might be – why not?
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Contrary to what some people might think, Facebook is not simply a social networking site that allows college kids to stay awake during their 8:00am history class. With over 800 million active users, Facebook has become the primary application for businesses and corporations to target individuals who meet their demographic. With hundreds of proven case studies, through Facebook ads and the use of personalized apps, Facebook can be leveraged to target clients who had been previously unreachable. Most of us are familiar with annoying "push" marketing campaigns; Facebook allows individuals to reach out to companies and therefore is called "pull" marketing. Pull marketing ignites more powerful results simply due to the fact that the client is the one asking to engage with you, not the other way around.
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Many times when individuals think of Twitter an image that comes to mind are younger people madly tweeting on their phone and declaring to the world what they ate for breakfast. Well, while this is true for some, the power of Twitter for businesses is not something that should be overlooked. Twitter is a social media forum that allow businesses to directly as well a publicly tweet with their followers. Now you might be asking, how does this help my business? Well, let's say you have a bridal shop and you see on Twitter that someone in your area just got engaged. By tweeting back to them and directly congratulating them as "Anne's Bridal Shop" you have the opportunity to engage with them and ask them to come in and look at your new selection of bridal gowns. Twitter ultimately allows you to seek out new potential clients and correspond with them.
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