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Why can't I just manage my Facebook page myself?

This is a common question that a lot of people have, and our response at Media Marketing Solution is "well, if you have the time, energy and the know how – go for it". We are not going to tell you that you shouldn't manage your own social media portfolio, in fact we encourage all of our clients that even while we are managing theirs, that they should still be involved. However, it really boils down to consistency as well as knowing the industry inside and out.

At Media Marketing Solution, social networking is what we do. We spend hundreds of hours researching, reading and staying on top of this ever changing field. Why? Because we know that if we don't, we will get lost with all the changes that are happening in the industry and our clients will suffer. In addition, because we are a business and this is what we do, we are able to invest in programs that allow us to create custom widgets and pages for your Facebook Page. In addition we know and understand the algorithms of the search engines and the overall trends and features that they are looking for in social media.

Aside from staying on top of this ever changing field, Facebook fans want consistency. If you were checking out a Facebook page that had not been updated in a week, what would you think? Probably that they didn't take the time to really engage with their clients and because it was updated so infrequently you probably would not be all that enticed to "Like" the page. Essentially, this all comes down to a few things: if you have the time to research new trends in social media, if you have the money to invest in new platforms strictly for yourself, if you have the ability and the knowledge to manage these platforms to create custom tabs, and if you have the time to create posts and engage with people who "Like" your page – then go for it! If any of this sounds overwhelming or like it may require too much work, then you may want to look into our social media packages we have designed for businesses.