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Should my business be on Facebook?

The simple answer to this question is yes. It doesn't really matter what industry you represent, Facebook is a vehicle that is becoming more and more popular that can help you better brand your business and create a relationship with potentially new consumers. Facebook utilizes what is known as pull marketing. When individuals have business profiles on Facebook, people opt into wanting more information about their business and have essentially stated "I am interested in what you do, give me more information." As you can probably guess, this is more effective than television advertising, cold calling, spam emailing and other forms of intrusive marketing ploys. Bottom line, people want to do business with individuals that they have a relationship with and trust. While you may not exactly be having people who are fans of you Facebook over for dinner, through Facebook, businesses can begin to create a relationship with people. This facilitates a foundation of trust, familiarity and competency. Through interesting articles that are posted, businesses can position themselves as a leader of thought on any particular industry.

Aside from the relational component that Facebook allows businesses to build with individuals, it is crucial to have Facebook attached to your website and business from a search engine optimization standpoint. In the past, before social media truly became the craze, search engines like Google and Bing ranked websites based on the amount of content and keywords that were displayed on the website. Now, with the ever changing pace of the social media industry, social media is another aspect that the search engines are looking for. The search engines want to see that your company is not only putting themselves out there to interact with consumers, but they want to see posts as well as the rankings for your specific Facebook page. While it is great to have a Facebook page, it is not good if the Facebook page is not being properly maintained. Search engines scan and look for content with links that were posted, the amount of people who have "liked" your page, the number of people who have commented and shared content on your page – essentially they want to see that there is a buzz about your business.

Bottom line, while it used to be a question of "should I get my business engaged in social media" you no longer have the choice. Well, while you always have the choice, your competitors are making it for you. So your choice is to determine if you want to get left behind and try to catch up, or if you want your competitors to catch up with you.